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1. How much preparation is required before applying NewLook stains?Usually not much, but always remember that it is absolutely critical that the surface is prepared correctly, otherwise, NewLook decorative concrete stains will likely have adhesion problems. The rule of thumb is that if there is anything on the concrete that would prevent NewLook decorative concrete stains from penetrating (sealers, paints, foreign “cure and seal” agents, dirt, oil, grease, glue, gum, etc.) then that substance needs to be cleaned off or removed before applying NewLook. Use a pressure washer with 3000 PSI and a capacity of 4 gallons per minute. Use a 15° or 25° fan tip (never use a 0° tip). Do not bear down on the concrete as it can change the surface texture. Keep in mind that there is a big difference between simply hosing off the concrete and really pressure washing it well. In areas where pressure washing is not possible, a floor-scrubbing machine with a cleaner is acceptable. Use a mild cleaner that contains no acid. Hard-troweled or polished surfaces are generally too dense to allow NewLook decorative concrete stains to penetrate. Use NewLook Eco Acid Plus or QuickEtch to profile the surface. It is important to thoroughly rinse off any remaining residue or dust before applying NewLook.2. What supplies do I need to mix and install the Original NewLook decorative concrete stains?All you need is a supply of water, a couple of 5 gallon buckets, a NewLook Applicator Brush, a power drill, and a small bristle brush. Please see the Technical Data Sheet.3. What supplies do I need to mix and install EnduraStain or EnduraCool decorative concrete stains?The Endura line of products are ready to use, simply mix well and apply.  To apply, a NewLook Applicator Brush, Sprayer, Roller or Microfiber pad can be used.  Please see the Technical Data Sheet.4. After pressure washing, how long do I need to wait before applying NewLook decorative concrete stains?Not long. You can apply NewLook decorative concrete stains when the surface is damp, but not when there is standing water. Many contractors pressure wash in the afternoon and apply NewLook stains the next morning.

Product Installation

1. Why do I have to re-broom the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain as it dries?They consist of a proprietary blend of colors and pigments that need to be suspended throughout the application process. It is necessary to re-broom/backbrush to ensure that the color pigments are suspended consistently so that the correct color is achieved. Typically, the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain only need to be re-broomed a few times. You can stop re-brooming when there is no color variation as you re-broom over or when it is dry. For more information, please view the training videos in the Videos/Data section.2. Can I spray on the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain?Spraying is not recommended. The special pigments in the product may clog the spray nozzle. Applying them with the NewLook Applicator Brush is the best and preferred method. However, you can spray on the NewLook Translucent Color Enhancer. It does not require re-brooming.3. How do I get NewLook decorative concrete stains off unwanted areas?Simply wipe off the surface with a damp towel if it the stain is still wet. If NewLook decorative concrete stains have dried on unwanted areas it may be necessary to remove it using NewLook’s EasyStrip 1000. The best prevention is to mask off areas and be careful during application. Once NewLook has stained the concrete it is tough to remove.4. How do I apply the Translucent Color Enhancer?The NewLook Translucent Color Enhancer can be applied with a NewLook Applicator Brush, pump sprayer, airless sprayer, nap roller, rag, etc. You will get a different effect depending on the application method. You are only limited by your imagination. Faux finishing with the Translucent Color Enhancer is a skill that is developed through practice. Please see the Technical Data Sheet or training videos for more information. Note: under normal circumstances, the NewLook Translucent Color Enhancer is not re-broomed like the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain.5. Can I apply more than one coat of the Translucent Color Enhancer?Yes. Multiple coats of the NewLook Translucent Color Enhancer will intensify/darken the color (and create the appearance of depth), or the NewLook Color Additive Booster can be used to intensify/darken the color hue.

Maintenance and Protection

1. Can NewLook decorative concrete stains be sealed?Yes. NewLook’s decorative concrete stains are compatible with many currently known sealers. It is recommended to use the NewLook’s line of sealers.2. Do NewLook decorative concrete stains have to be sealed?All stains should be sealed. Use the NewLook SmartSeal or other compatible NewLook sealers. Any other sealer will need to be completely removed before follow-up maintenance applications.3. I just applied NewLook decorative concrete stains and the customer changed their mind about the color. Can I re-apply?Yes. As soon as the decorative concrete stain stain has dried a new color can be applied. You do not need to remove the previous application of NewLook decorative concrete stains. Depending on the time between applications, additional cleaning may be required.4. How long do I need to wait before I walk or drive on NewLook decorative concrete stains after they dry?After sealing the surface you can drive it after only 48 hours. You can park on it after 1 week, and you can clean it (e.g. pressure wash) after only 1 week as well. The surface should not get wet for at least 24 hours following application. This is a general rule. In warmer temperatures, time could be less. See the Technical Data Sheet for more information.5. How long will NewLook products last?It depends on the product and the wear and tear. NewLook decorative concrete stains are penetrating stains that last as long as the concrete (or sealer) is maintained. The wear and tear (traffic, weather, use, etc.) of the concrete surface may eventually affect NewLook decorative concrete stains and/or sealer enough to necessitate a maintenance application. Fortunately, the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain, EnduraStain and EnduraCool are completely opaque and do not need to be removed for maintenance applications. Interior applications of NewLook decorative concrete stains that have been sealed or waxed will last much longer. They generally last as long as an acid stain, if not much longer.

Product Information

1. At what temperature can I apply NewLook decorative concrete stains?The concrete surface temperature should be between 50° (and rising) and 90° (and cooling). If the concrete temperature is too cold NewLook concrete stains will take a long time to dry. If it is too hot NewLook stains can “flash dry” and re-brooming Solid Color Stain will be impossible–creating streaks or discoloration.2. What is the warranty on NewLook products?Please read the Terms of Use or any Technical Information Sheet for information regarding the limited product warranty.3. Will NewLook stains hide old blemishes/spots/stains on my concrete?Absolutely. NewLook Solid Color Stain and EnduraStain were designed to do just that. Generally, only two applications are needed to hide most stains. Under some circumstances a third application could be required to completely cover any discoloration (only occasionally and when light colors are applied over very blotchy concrete). Be sure to clean the concrete thoroughly before applying NewLook stains.4. Will NewLook decorative concrete stains hide repaired areas?The ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain and EnduraStain are designed to provide even and consistent color coverage between old and new concrete, patches, etc. If adjacent areas differ in texture, which is commonly the case, the stains could look slightly different due to wear and tear or other texture differences. In extreme situations staining the concrete to a single color could accentuate the texture differences.5. How can I get the color of the Translucent Color Enhancer to be more intense?You can either apply multiple layers of the NewLook Translucent Color Enhancer, Endura Enhancer, Faux Fusion.   You can also add a NewLook Color Additive Booster (same color) to the Original Enhancer in order to intensity the color hue. For example, if the 295 Light Oak Enhancer is not intense enough, simply add a 295 Light Oak Color Additive. Up to four (4) NewLook Color Additive Boosters can be added to a 16 oz NewLook Translucent Color Enhancer kit for a very intense color. NewLook Color Additive Boosters come in each of the same standard colors as the NewLook Translucent Color Enhancer.6. How many colors does NewLook offer?See the Color Chart page for more information. Custom colors are available upon request.7. How much coverage will I get from each NewLook stain kit?See the respective product page for more information.

What’s the DIFFERENCE between the Original Stains & the Endura line of stains?

The line of Original NewLook stains (i.e, Solid Stain and Enhancer) are concentrated, so water needs to be mixed in to dilute the components and to get the liquid consistency.  The Endura line (i.e, EnduraStain, Endura Enhancer, EnduraCool and Faux Fusion) come ready to use, just mix well and apply.

What’s the DIFFERENCE between SmartColor & the Enhancer?

SmartColor is a nano-acrylic based concrete stain (nanotechnology and high resin concentration); the Enhancer is a polymer-modified concrete stain. SmartColor is the reliable, safe alternative to acid stain, designed to create a mottled or variegated (faux) finish; the Enhancer is a tinting solution for a variety of applications, particularly exposed aggregate. SmartColor can be diluted to achieve desired opacity; the Enhancer should be mixed exactly according to instructions.

What’s the DIFFERENCE between TiqueWash & the Enhancer?

TiqueWash is used only for restoring stamped concrete; the Enhancer’s application is much more versatile — exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, faux finishing flatwork, touching up the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain, sprayed on vertical surfaces, and more! TiqueWash has a more natural, earth-tone color finish; the Enhancer, however, tends to have a more vibrant color. And there are many more Enhancer colors available! TiqueWash is packaged as a powder; the Enhancer is packaged as a liquid.

What’s the DIFFERENCE between Faux Fusion & the Enhancer?

Faux Fusion is a semi-transparent stain, where Enhancer is a translucent stain.  Semi-transparent stains have more pigment and less transparency.  Faux Fusion is also offered in a different color variety than other stains. Also, Faux Fusion mimics acid staining, without the harmful effects and permanence.  Please visit the Color Charts page to see the Faux Fusion color chart.

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